Case Study
Advertising and Marketing
A brand makeover for is an online application that helps companies find the best rate for shipping goods by plane anywhere in the world. Users request airfreight quotes from qualified providers, receive responses and select the best option. They had a website and a fledgling social media program, neither of which was performing and their branding lack a clear message.

Rovere Media completely revamped their website including backend SEO, designed a tradeshow booth and launched a successful social media program. Scroll down to take a closer look at how we helped this brand take off.

A website in need of a makeover

The old site lacked any real branding. The in-house team wanted to communicate how their product was “like Priceline for air freight”. While this is an accurate comparison, we felt the strategy of comparing their product to an almost totally unrelated one was not the best strategy. The product represents a revolutionary shift in the way logistics services are researched and purchased. The in-house team chose imagery that referenced Priceline’s current ad campaign and didn’t accurately represent what we felt their product really is –  a revolution in air freight.

We took a close look at their product and their target audience. We looked at their target demographic and put ourselves in their place to see what aspects of Airfreight’s product address their needs.

Before redesign
Website before...

The new site

We designed a completely new WordPress site that features dynamic imagery, engaging copy and a clear call to action. The new site accurately communicates what the product is, the need it fills and a simple path to becoming a customer. As Certified Google Partners, we made sure the site’s back-end SEO met with the latest best-practices guaranteeing them a solid search ranking.

The end result is a visually engaging, user-friendly site that converts visitors into customers.

The new site

Social Media

In addition to the new site, we developed a social media campaign for We set up new Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Our strategy was to build a loyal following of relevant followers through the promotion of original industry-relevant content. We developed an on-site blog and wrote original content which we then promoted via social media. We combined our original content with paid promotion to deliver a growing, high-quality audience for the brand.