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Out with the old – complete redesign


This client, an industrial steel forging facility, launched it’s first website in 1994, making it one the first website on the internet. The problem with such an old site is the design and technology get old fast, and the client didn’t update the site very much in the past 15 years. Their concern was that their considerable traffic (over 35,000 visitors per month) would suffer if they did a total redesign.

“First page on Google search guaranteed!” – A lesson in the price of taking shortcuts.
The client initially contracted with a company that promised to redesign the site and guaranteed to place them on the first page of Google’s search results for their industry. If a company makes a similar promise to you – RUN. Organizations that make these offers do so using “Black Hat” or hacker techniques to get your site high search traffic. It will work, for a few days, until your check clears and Google notices what you’ve done and erases you from search results entirely and blacklists your site. That’s what happened to this client. Traffic was reduced by 75 percent.

Rovere Media started from scratch with the new site. We looked at what the competitors were doing, what the client’s core business was and who they wanted to reach. Working directly with Google, we designed a new site that featured the best on-site Search Engine Optimization, easy navigation and wrote engaging copy. Today the site generating record-high traffic numbers, attracting the right traffic to generate sales.

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March 16, 2016




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